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SunDais Tanning

Cactus and Agave Hydrate Me Lotion

Cactus and Agave Hydrate Me Lotion

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This incredible lotion will nourish your skin with the healing properties of cactus and soothing affects of agave, shea butter, aloe and a squeeze citrusy lemon and orange peel oils. Perfectly formulated to quench and replenish dry skin leaving behind the most refreshing scent.

When self-tanning it is important to hydrate commonly dry areas. Our Cactus and Agave Hydrate Me Lotion is specially designed to work with the Sunna Tanning products as to not prematurely strip your tan!

How To Use 

Apply to dry areas such as hands, feet, elbows and knees. Apply daily or x2 a day after tan has developed to prolong your tan.

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